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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Ever!

Here is my first ever blog.  It's pretty exciting!

Life in Japan has been pretty mundane due to my husband being deployed.  He will soon be returning to us.  He still hasn't met his new baby girl.  Thomas is my son, he is 19 months and Zoey is my new baby girl and she is 3 months old.  So needless to say i'm pretty busy with my two.

Today was filled with shopping at the commissary and an ice cream social to pick names for the
upcoming squadron Christmas party. 

On another not i'm feeling really crafty but don't really have the time or ability to do much in line for crafts.  My most recent thing is a tutu for a friend to give for Christmas.  I will be posting some past items that i've done for others.  Hope you like. 
There will be more to come.

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